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I have over 10 years of experience in Digital and Social Media Marketing.
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What i do

Digital - Social - Marketing

Digital Marketing

-Websites - Project Management from design to launch (WordPress, Drupal, SquareSpace, WebFlow) - Maintenance via CMS dashboard(s)
-Online Advertising - Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat - Google PPC & Retargeting
-Email - Calendar Creation & Management - Scheduling - Copywriting - Image Design -Management on Multiple Platforms
-Visual Media Production Management - Photography - Infographics - Video - GIF’s
-SEO/SEM - website audits and search focused content creation
-Events - pre-event promotion and marketing in addition to "at event" social media coverage
-Issue & Crisis Communications - Earthquake, Floods, Fires, and now a Pandemic...
-eCommerce - Shopify - integration with Klaviyo, Refersion, Facebook - New Product Launches - Reporting
Analytics & Metrics Analysis via Google Analytics, Fanbooster, and Native Outlets
Affiliate Management
Influencer - Outreach - Management

Social Media

-Content Planning (Creation & Curation)
-Outlet Management (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Google My Business, and more…)
-Monitoring & Scheduling
-Metrics Analysis


-Marketing Strategy
-Budgeting (Creation & Management)
-Project Management
-Logo Design
-Branded Merchandise


Clients and Project Case Studies

Email Marketing

Worked across multiple Email Management Systems


Keto-Mojo markets and sells a blood ketone meter to the ketogenic / low-carb community

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Created and managed all Social Media outlets and Social Media Advertising for 5+ years

Crisis Communications

Earthquake, Floods, Wildfires, and now a Pandemic...

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A bit about me

As the owner of a specialist Digital Marketing Agency for the past 9 years I have embraced the (r)evolution of Digital and Social Marketing to the point where it is now an essential part of every businesses marketing toolkit. My broad and evolving skill set within the space starts with understanding the goals of the client and from there I put in place a plan to achieve these agreed goals supported by a comprehensive structure.

The breadth of my work experience across retail, sales, logistics etc. allows me to approach marketing from a holistic viewpoint with an understanding of how decisions made in marketing will impact supply channels, sales goals, and customer support interactions.