More about me...

Passionate Irishman - Born in Dublin, Ireland I'm part of that Irish generation known as “The Pope’s Children” who were raised with an outward looking view of the world and a deep and lasting appreciation for our own history and culture.
Global Perspective - I was encouraged to travel early in life visiting the US twice in the late 70's and this has remained a theme in his life since. I have worked in five countries and been privileged to have traveled a decent chunk of the rest of the globe through work and pleasure.
Business Savvy - I have worked both corporately and for small family operations. This allied with my experience running the family retail business for 7 years with my father gives me a unique perspective on business ownership.
Lover of Sports - You name the sport and I have heard of it, played it or know enough about it to engage you in conversation about it. My first love is cricket followed closely by football (soccer) and rugby. I am the incoming President of the Napa Valley Cricket Club who are currently about to start their tenth season.
Wine Lover - My introduction to wine was at the family dinner table and on family holidays to France and Spain in the 1980′s. My passion for wine truly started whilst I was at College in Dublin. During this time I started my Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) exams and became fascinated by the breadth of wine available from all over the globe.
Community Giver - I believe passionately in the concept of “giving before you take” and to this end I have been very active in the community. On top of pro bono Social Media work for a number of organizations I was involved with TEDxNapaValley as Co-Curator.
Speaker - I have spoken many times at conferences on the subject of Digital and Social Marketing and I have lectured on the topic at Sonoma State University Wine Business School and Pacific Union College.